About us

The leitmotiv of our actions is making clothes through live participate performances in a slowed down production method in order to inquire about the current world perversion, where the industrial machine swallows up its laborers.

Our aim is to investigate how a set up space can be ideal to produce and share knowledge and how its inhabitants deal with their individual needs in this context.

Isa Griese and Derek Di Fabio first met at "Let's Circus" in Milan, 2011.
A show by Marco Colombaioni from Cherimus in collaboration with Claudio Madia.

As 2♡♡8daughters we combine our dreams and reflections since 2012. 
In a dynamic composition of our skills ranging from making clothes to sprouting landscapes, a scenery is set out to call for friends and others to join!

Based in Berlin since 2014
Studio and shop is opened by appointment via email to:

Or call one of us:
+49 1577 680 4774 (english/deutsch)
+49 1573 687 5856 (english/italiano)

Full name: With love born in Cherimus Circus 2008



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